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I am Letizia Maulà, an Italian clarinetist and political activist.

Born in Bergamo, (northern Italy), I have made Rotterdam my home since 2015. Over the years, I've joyfully performed the clarinet in various orchestras and chamber ensembles across Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium

Central to my identity is connecting people, values, and places aligning with my vision for a more equitable world. My pursuits as a musician and political activist are intricately intertwined with themes of feminism and memory.

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As a musician, I am passionate about linking the past with the present and the future. I love creating programs marrying forgotten composers and well-known classical repertoire, using innovative arrangements and flexible instrumentation.

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I firmly believe that politics remain influential, even when we're not actively involved, which is why I'm committed to being part of it. I want to fight for a fairer future, particularly for gender equality.

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Children, professionals, beginners, ensembles: you name it, I teach them.

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The clarinet has such a soft and lovely tone that no one can resist it…
W.A. Mozart

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